Monthly Archives: September 2010

I have been thinking about wedding photography prices since I heard in my Documentary class that Wedding photographers are the most overpaid photographers in the business and I would like to disagree for these reasons. If you are a good wedding photographer you not only make images that will hold memories of these monumental moments […]

So Erin and I have been getting a lot of questions about the meaning of our name, and I could go all “speech class” on you guys and give you the dictionary definition of both words but I will just tell you what they mean to us. F/stop is the measurement of light able to […]

I make photographs of half naked women and it is my favorite thing in the world and I will tell you why in case you have your panties in a bunch over it. Carrie May Weems, who is a black woman photographer working out of New York, said she had read a Zora Neal Hurston […]

One of the things I love about working with Erin is her seriousness and dedication to her art. When I first met her, we we’re both working for another studio and I was instantly intimidated at how focused and on the ball she was while shooting. Truth be told I thought she didn’t like me […]