Monthly Archives: October 2010

As wedding photographers you see a lot of couples and we thought that this could not have been more perfect for each other. Juanita and Matt made the majority of their decorations for the wedding together. They are both artists and art lovers. Shooting their wedding was a field day for Erin and I to […]

It is a photographers dream to be able to photograph people who are unique and beautiful, we all try to make everyone look and feel unique and beautiful but when you meet someone who is just so different but so good and comfortable at being them, your heart sings a little because you know you […]

I have known Amber and her family since I was a kid. I use to babysit her and her brothers actually. Her dad was my youth pastor for a lot of years and so he and his family became like second family too me. so when they asked me to photograph Amber’s wedding I was […]