Monthly Archives: December 2010

why Alana let us photograph her outside in freezing temperatures  let alone trust us with her life inside of my car is beyond me but she did and we love her for it.   Erin and I presented the idea of doing an outdoor winter photo shoot to Alana, and she didn’t even hesitate to […]

that one time we were eskimos… Erin and I went to Chicago to photograph the most adorable couple Friday and the whole time we gushed at how crazy it is we get to do these fun things for a living. It was a normal cold winter day in Chicago so we hunkered down and braved […]

Erin and I are normally the type of people who don’t like to make a scene. Not that we aren’t fun, because let me tell you we are, but we are usually the girls making fun of the people who we deem awkward or inappropriate.  But not tonight. Tonight, we were those people.   Erin […]