Monthly Archives: January 2011

That one time we were artist of the month… So Erin and I were chosen to be artist of the month for Wassup magazine. which is a local magazine that can be found in bars and restaurants. we even got to do an interview. We felt pretty famous. so here is our interview and some […]

So Erin and I have been in the process of making two sample albums to test out the paper options, different album companies and all of that good stuff and we just got our boudoir album back from GraphiStudios which is an Italian company. We are really pleased with the album but the costumer service […]

I love being a girl. I love being soft and smelling pretty and wearing makeup and being able to change my clothes 5 times before I walk out the door. I love pink fuzzy slippers and lace undies and painting my nails. That is why I love photographing boudoir sessions, because it celebrates femininity, being […]