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Monthly Archives: February 2011

10 ways to hate being a woman

1) Buy a scale. – because a really good way to hate being a woman is to obsess about the number of pounds on your body when you could really be focused on the kind of person you want to be inside of it. 2) Diet- because nothing is more fun that depriving yourself so […]

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Miss {M} – Chicago Boudoir

There’s all kinds of red-headed women that I ain’t supposed to kiss And it’s that color that never fails to turn me blue -Jack White Michelle was our favorite fire cracker red head! She came all the way from New York to have her boudoir photos done! Her husband surprised her with a trip to […]

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that one time we launched our website…

Yesterday we did something we have been bragging for months about! we had the launch of our Ryan _Project designed website!   for months we were telling clients about how spectacular our website designer is and how he has weekly pillow fights with Oprah.   We built him up quite a bit and he lived […]

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