Monthly Archives: September 2011

what the water gave me… We love trash the dress sessions.  The dress is the Holy Grail on the day of your wedding so its not often you are able to roll around in it, and get it dirty. I can completely understand the desire to hold on to such an important dress but on […]

Love that will not betray you, Dismay, or enslave you It will set you free And be more like the man You were made to be There is a design An alignment to cry Of my heart to see The beauty of love As it was made to be – “sign no more” Mumford and […]

I can see your new awake Let me assure you friend: Every day is ice cream and chocolate cake And what you make of it, let me say You get what you take from it so be amazed And never stop, never stop, never stop You gotta be brave ‘Cause all this beauty You might […]

“Sometimes I’m tempted to believe life doesn’t mean any-thing at all. I’ve read philosophers who say meaningful experiences are purely subjective, and I understand why they believe that, because you can’t prove life and love and death are anything more than random happenings. But then you start thinking about some of the scenes you’ve lived, […]