Monthly Archives: June 2012

We all went into this trip not knowing anyone else. All we had in common was that we loved photography and none us knew what Clayton looked like. The first night there we all nervously talked trying to break the ice and condense our personalities into a 1 minute intro.  By the end of the […]

I read a Sylvia Plath quote this this week that I am summarizing by saying love is each person giving themselves to the other to create a life that you believe in living. I love that idea. While in Austin we got to meet a whole group of people who lived lives they believed in. One of which […]

For the Rest of the week we are going to be blogging about our trip to Austin! We thought we would start it off with an idea we had for a while but we finally made it happen in Austin. We had a model couple planned for the first day we were there  and rudely enough […]

I sat down with my grandma one night to talk about books and life, She told me that when she was young, She remembered a time when she could go to jail for marrying someone white. I don’t know much about politics Except for what I see in the news but I have a hard […]