Brianna + Jason


Jason and Briana could not have been more adorably in love. Getting to photograph them was so easy because they could not get enough of each other. The thing that made me so happy about them was how encouraging they were towards each other constantly. They were always praising the other person and being sure to always say kind and sweet things.  It was a lesson I took away from their wedding, to always make sure that I lift the people I love up more instead of always needing to give them a hard time.   When we meet with couples we ask them to fill out of a list of 20 questions together, because it helps us to get know our couples a lot better before we photograph them, and Jason and Brianna have been my favorite to get their answers. Not only did they both fill out two sets of questioners but they were so similar you would have thought they filled them out together. They both talked about how much they love their life together, of quiet walks with their dog, good dinners, spending time with family and mostly just being with each other. From their favorite moments together to their vision for their life in the future, they were completely perfect for one another.

One of the questions we ask is “if you had to pick a song lyric, poem or quote to describe your relationship what would it be” Jason wrote: “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” I loved that! What a beautiful idea, and when you see Briana and Jason together you know why he chose that. They have such distinct dreams and ideas of what is beautiful that they have manifested it in their life by always loving each other and pursuing their own reality.  Jason answered our question “if you could be any movie couple who would you be” by saying “we wouldn’t be anyone but Jason and Briana, we write our own movie” and my heart warmed so much at the thought of them carving out a story all their own in reverie at just being with one another.




Briana surprised Jason by singing him a song that she arranged for him.


Brianna and Jason we wish you years of laughter and love and are so honored that you asked us to be apart of your day. It was a joy to be able to see your love for one another.

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