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Clayton Austin Workshop

I read a Sylvia Plath quote this this week that I am summarizing by saying love is each person giving themselves to the other to create a life that you believe in living.

I love that idea.

While in Austin we got to meet a whole group of people who lived lives they believed in. One of which was Clayton.

Clayton opened his studio and his life for us to come and learn from him. His openness and willingness to give a little bit of who he is, was a kindness that was noted by all who attended. Donald Miller talks about how when you live a good story it becomes contagious and other people are inspired to live their lives to their full potential. If there is one thing we took from the workshop (and we took many things) was the encouragement to live lives we believe in. To not just run a business, or take photos, or write blogs, but to do all of the things that make us feel alive, exactly the way we want to. Because ultimately who we are and how we see the world and the people we meet are the greatest asset we have to living wildly good stories.

Clayton is known for his way of telling love stories, but it was his love story that inspired us when the day was over.

Thank you Clayton and Addison for opening your lives to us and leaving us inspired.

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