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Derrick + Olivia – A Maternity Session

One of the things I love most about photography is its ability to transport you back to a time when you were someone else.

Before you knew what was next.

There is something really beautiful to me about the idea of our couples looking back on their wedding photos on their fiftieth wedding anniversary and seeing who they were then.

I think that’s what so special about maternity photos.  Because even though I am sure it doesn’t feel like it, it’s really such a small window of time you get to be pregnant.

There is this photo of my mother that my father took while she was pregnant. She is standing in a window pointing to her belly, and she looks as though she could go into go into labor at any moment

The face of my mother is one of my favorite things about the image. She looks excited but uncertain. That’s also something you probably only get to experience with your first baby. Before you know exactly how tough this whole thing is going to be.  I am so glad my dad decided to take a photo of that. I may never have known what my mom looked like as a young expectant mother if he hadn’t.

That’s what I love about Olivia and Derek’s photos. It is Olivia’s first pregnancy. And the anticipation is written on their faces. I hope one day when baby Sebastian looks back at these photos he is able to see how beautiful his mom is, how happy his parents were, and how much they loved him even before they had formally met.


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