…friends you havent met yet

We all went into this trip not knowing anyone else. All we had in common was that we loved photography and none us knew what Clayton looked like.

The first night there we all nervously talked trying to break the ice and condense our personalities into a 1 minute intro.  By the end of the week we were all hassling a soon to be groom who was sitting by the pool the night before his wedding. All of us wanted to know what song they were dancing to the next day, whether or not he was nervous, and why he didn’t hire any of us to shoot it. Needless to say he didn’t stay by the pool with us very long.

In a weeks’ time we all remembered that feeling of having to leave summer camp after having made all new friends. Only this summer camp we were adults, and we got to drink margaritas and jump on beds.

Had anyone told me this was what was waiting in store for me in my adult summers, my 15 year old self would have been stoked.

We could not have asked for more fun, we went to a legit texas BBQ, we all got to hang out and work alongside one of the photographers we all look up to, and we got to roam around Austin Texas where the actual town motto is “keep Austin weird.” Now that I think about it my 15 year old self  would have never believed my life could be this cool…

Air port fun.

(I am so disappointed I couldn’t drink this tequila like a champ, I usually pride myself on my tequila drinking abilities.)

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  • Paige - we will just have to have a reunion, Joni!! Such a bummer about your pneumonia! :( (I’m typing those notes next week!)ReplyCancel

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