Why is our name f/stop poetry?  Well, we would love to tell you! Now we can go all ‘speech class’ on you and give you the dictionary definition of both words but we would rather just tell you what they mean to us and why we thought it was the perfect name for us.

F/stop is the measurement of light able to pass through the photographic lens. In photography it’s a huge part of how your image looks. If you have ever seen an image where the background is completely out of focus it is the F/stop that is able to control that look. We chose F/stop to remind us to have tunnel vision with our goals, to let all that’s going on in the background blur and stay focused on what’s really important to us; making photographs that tell our couples’ stories.

We chose to go with poetry instead of photography because we feel it is closer to what we do as artists. In today’s digital world any one can create a photograph, but an artist can make poetry out of the world that she sees. Also we feel that your wedding day isn’t the whole story, its an introduction, a poem in the beginning of the book you are beginning together as a couple. And that is the moment we get to share with you.

We both chose not to take ourselves too seriously when we began photographing weddings, its easy to get caught up in the business aspect of any career and feel the need to “fit a mold”, neither of us are interested in ‘corporations’. Our heart and passion lies in making images and connecting with people who inspire us. Each Couple we have photographed has taught us something unique about love, relationships, life and beauty. This is the reason we make images. If any of you know either of us on a personal levels you know we are fun, and outspoken people. So we choose to just be ourselves and we hope that you still find us likeable. Because in the end it could be almost 2 years of your life you share with us from booking us, until getting your album.  We want our couples to feel as comfortable and have as much fun as we do while shooting, because ultimately we want to know who you are, because  you are what inspires us.