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Jules’ first day at Joliet Central

Today was Jules’ first day at a brand new school. Joliet Central, no less, which is a huge castle looking building with over two thousand students. The school itself is four stories tall; two city blocks long, and includes four separate buildings.

Coincidentally this is the first time I have sent a sister off to my old high school. It’s also the first august I have ever had a sister.

It’s been a big year for both of us.

The day I found out we would be adopting Jules was my twenty-sixth birthday. I was at the zoo with Phill and Andy when my Mom called to tell me “I think we are going to adopt a Haitian girl.” It remains one of the most unexpected phone calls I have ever gotten, and now also one of the fondest as well.

Fast forward 3 months, a lot of conversation with Erin and my friends on how to be a good sister, a few shopping dates, a road trip, and  Haitian food lessons and I woke up today with an excitement.  Not for any other reason than that I was proud of Jules, and that I was hoping she would like her first day at such an enormous school.

It’s days like this where I slowly learn to be a sister, when for twenty six years I was an only child. Its day like this that make me so thankful I have such amazing parents who open their hearts to not only me, but to anyone who needs a little love.  It’s days like today especially, when I am so thankful for that Haitian sister of mine, who I cannot imagine my life without now.


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