Shannon + Ken

Shannon and Ken have been dating since high school! In fact, the best man during his speech recounted their first kiss. He was there to witness it because he was driving them home. He said Shannon grabbed Kens face and planted a kiss on him that would make their grandparents blush.  (saying this in his speech made Shannon blush)

When you hang out with Shannon and Ken there is playfulness there that is contagious. They were quite often making jokes and making each other laugh. I loved this about them.  But there was also a strong sense that they feel incredibly lucky to have one another.

I think that’s so beautiful. That even though they have known each other a lot of their life they haven’t lost the thankfulness to be with one another.

Ken wrote Shannon a letter in a card and gave it to her the morning they got married and it talked about how he had wished that he would get to marry her for 10 years.  It brought tears to Shannon eyes. I imagine because she realized she wasn’t the only one who had wished that for so long.

When we asked Shannon what some of her favorite memories are with ken she replied I’ll never admit this to ken, but watching him play basketball with all his friends. I began to wonder about the things we don’t admit. The little embarrassing parts of love that make us feel dorky but really just show how much we love someone. I think a lot of times it’s not always what we say that proves our love but what we don’t say. But that’s what so beautiful about spending your life with someone, you have years of dorky little surprises just waiting to be unearthed if you will let them. And the more time you spend with someone the less scared you are of looking silly.

Shannon and Ken are such a warm and fun couple, and I learned from them to not be afraid to blush. That sometimes the best thing is to let go of the worry of looking silly, and just say the thing you’re afraid to admit, because you just might be overwhelmed with love when you hear “me too!”

Congratulations to you both! And thank you so much for being you! We had an absolute blast photographing your wedding and we were so honored to be a part of your day.








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