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Shaun outdoor boudoir session

A few weeks ago we had our friends Kelly and Paige who are fantastic photographers from Ohio and Texas come to visit us!

You should check out their work!  They are hilarious, sweet, and brilliant ladies who just happen to make really great photographs and we are lucky enough to now call them friends.

Kelly’s website is here

and Paige has hers here

We all schemed up an idea for an outdoor boudoir shoot.

We asked  Shaundria to model for us and all 5 of us girls ran around a field at sundown making art.

It remains one of my top favorite memories of the summer.

We had so much fun in fact that we decided to open the idea up to anyone who wanted to frolic in a field wild and free with us.

We will be having three more weekends where we will have very limited spots open to get boudoir photos done outside.

So quickly send us an email if you would like one of the few spots and come be flower children with us!

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