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Sue Regis Glass Art.

I don’t have much experience with loss. I have been pretty fortunate in that aspect. But talking to my friends who have lost the closest people to them I have realized it must feel like an amputation.

I did lose my very best fury friend though. I wrote an entry about it earlier this summer.
I was in Austin, when I got the call that the professor had passed away. Granted he was just a rabbit, it wasn’t a husband or a parent, or sibling. But it still hurt.

I have been incredibly blessed to know a few people who I consider amazing because of their ability to take the burdens of others during their loss and offer comfort in those times.

My friend Amy owns a funeral home and she talks so eloquently about her job. She doesn’t take this responsibility lightly. She considers carrying a little bit of the weight of a broken heart part of her job, not because she has to but because she honestly believes in the power of closure and being able to say goodbye for now. Her outlook on life and death is nothing short of hopeful and beautiful. Whenever the time comes that I have to lose someone close to me, I feel so much better knowing there are people like Amy in the world who genuinely care.

And then there is Sue.  Sue is a glass artist who has become one of my favorite people in the entire world. She has started making glass pieces with the cremains of peoples loved ones. I have always known sue has done this but until recently I didn’t realize how important it is. When I got the professors ashes I asked sue if she could make me a glass piece. I began to realize the power in having a little part of the person you miss with you. When she called to tell me it was finished, I went and picked up the piece. I was surprised to feel the tears well up in my eyes. Sue gave me something so unique and irreplaceable. It was at that moment that I “got it”. She gave me tangible evidence that my rabbit exists as something else. As if death is nothing but a doorway and what we leave behind is not only ash, but years of memories and connections with the people we love that last forever. And what’s more is she gave it to me in a beautiful piece of art.

I loved that damn rabbit because I would hold him in my lap and his whiskers would tickle my face and his fur would dry my tears when he would sit in my lap while I cried. And If I cant have him, I am glad that I have a necklace I can touch because remembering that connection is comforting.
To see more of Sues work go to regisglassart.com
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