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The time we went to the Hanson concert…

There is a photograph from eighth grade, of me holding my pre-teen attempt at a Jackson Pollack style painting wearing a blue swimsuit in my back yard. I had set up my backyard “art studio” and I spent most of my summer vacation that year blasting Mmmbop on repeat and trying to find shoes with […]

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Red Light District

I cried in the bathtub unable to blame my insecurities on him this time so ashamed that the little girl inside felt like she could never own a pair of Dita Von Teese eyes. ashamed I was American ashamed I took up space wanting to be smaller more like a key hole more of a […]

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Reminiscent of Rainy Days

  “watch out now girl” Phill said in his blues-man voice, as a cluster of bikes came quickly up behind us. He knows how lost I get in my own world, I won’t be bothered by bikes coming at me quickly while photographing. For as much of a fuss as I make about gender norms, […]

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