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Tu amor vale mas que millones de estrellas. Dina and Kirk have been together 17 years! They said they were of the Joni Mitchel philosophy that they didn’t need a piece of paper from the government to prove their love to each other. Dina even said what good is that piece of paper if it’s […]

My, my love, I’ve been without you too long. My, my love, I’ve been running to too fast to belong to anyone but then you came along.                                                                    -Joshua Radin   As many of you know it took Micky and I along time to get here and there was awhile there that I thought it […]

There is a photograph from eighth grade, of me holding my pre-teen attempt at a Jackson Pollack style painting wearing a blue swimsuit in my back yard. I had set up my backyard “art studio” and I spent most of my summer vacation that year blasting Mmmbop on repeat and trying to find shoes with […]