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I have been so excited to blog this wedding and now it’s FINALLY HERE!!!!! This is one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen and one of the most adorable couples I’ve ever photographed.  Joe + Andrea are fellow wedding photographers that I met in Texas during a photographers workshop.  I am so happy […]

 I have been contemplating the politics of marriage a lot lately. I felt a kinship with Joni Mitchel when she sings the lines ” We don’t need no piece of paper From the city hall Keeping us tied and true My old man Keeping away my blues.” I don’t even know if the piece of […]

Abby and Michael have a hard time remembering life without each other. They have been best friends since they were kids. They say a good basis for any relationship is friendship. Abby and Michael prove that. Then a time came their senior year of high school when they realized it wasn’t only friendship that drew […]