Bringing the Chicago weird to Austin.

For the Rest of the week we are going to be blogging about our trip to Austin! We thought we would start it off with an idea we had for a while but we finally made it happen in Austin.

We had a model couple planned for the first day we were there  and rudely enough they bailed on us without an explanation and left us high and dry. So naturally, we were all geared up and wanting to shoot, so we decided to execute our silly blog idea and make lemonade out of the lemon that was our situation.

Luckily for us we found a thrift store just seconds from where our dead beat model asked us to meet her and since we were in Austin I thought I would channel my inner “weirdo” and try my hand at being the model.

Erin and I are predominantly documentary photographers, which means we will pose our couples loosely by telling them where to stand and which way to face but we are pretty terrible at real high fashion poses.  I have definitely seen some really great fashion photographers rock really over the top posing but it’s usually with trained professional models. Whenever we tried to make our couples do these poses everyone involved felt awkward and silly so we stick with what we know best and that’s reality.

So without further ado; if you want your photos to look like this because of the poses or the style of editing, you should probably hire a different photographer because they will look this bad if we do them :) . ..

This was our first dress option for the shoot, but to be quite honest Austin is hot, and I was not thrilled about having to wear this dress in the heat.

as you can tell I really liked it though and had a hard time parting with it.

although this dress was fabulous I wanted a legit white dress.

This was the runner up.

And we had a winner!!!

the lady at the counter was so sweet. I dont think she realized I wasnt really wedding dress shopping and she kept telling me how beautiful I looked and helping me find more items. its was incredibley sweet and  had I been shopping for a real wedding dress she would have made the expierence for me.:-)

and were off!

This is the “help me I am choking” pose.

all joking aside I was super bummed this crepes place was closed, and I totally took a real photo in front of this place as well.

The “I am a prisoner of love” pose

this fake lens flair is really cool.

we like to call this pose the dry shampoo.

the dry shampoo up close and personal.

this is “prom pose” and I asked this man to take a photo with me because of his fantastic beard.

This is ”the belly ache.”

there are no words for how awesomely bad this is. hahah.

here I am holding up the wall.

This was another new friend. we asked him to take his photo with me because he had a red shirt on and a good selective color depends on the right color. He was pretty awesome about having to fake kiss a stranger despite being visibly creeped out by the suggestion.

This is my version of the “flash dance” pose

Here I am  being  at one with nature.

I pretty much just made us end here because I wanted a cupcake for all my hard work modeling. This cupcake place was delicious.

feel free to send us some of your favorite poses! we love that sort of thing and get the biggest kick out of all of our friends senior photos.:-)



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  • Paige - Oh this is awesome. Beyond awesome. Love the fake flare and selective coloring. You saw the awesome part of Austin :) ReplyCancel

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